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Invicta was born in England in 1906 with the production of bags and bags and arrived in Italy in 1921, in Turin, in the Borgo del Fumo district, where the first Invicta artisan workshop was born between shops and shops.

In 1939 Invicta invents and files the patent for the modern baby carrier and with the passage of time, starting from the experience of products for mountaineering and exploration, expands the offer with categories such as eyewear, caps, ski racks, boot racks and others. outdoor accessories. In the Eighties, thanks also to the Jolly backpack, it became a cult brand for entire generations of young people and a true social phenomenon of fashion and costume. Invicta is on the shoulders of millions of people and becomes a way to communicate their lifestyle. And so the company began to devote itself to the production of clothing, footwear and accessories for free time.

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